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Why Prefer Zend for Web Application Development over other Frameworks?

Zend plays a vital part in PHP development. Being a renowned MVC framework for web developers, the framework has become better with every version release. The framework is mostly preferred and trusted by different corporations, including Cisco WebEx and BNP Paribas. The scope of Zend development services is not only limited to websites for small and mid-sized businesses, but for powerful PHP frameworks to boost enterprise web applications. Featuring a modular approach, and PHP composer, the framework can easily enhance your enterprise by powering robust applications for you.

Reasons to Choose Zend Framework

1. Easy to perform difficult tasks

One of the key reasons behind Zend being an ideal platform is due to its features to allow you to do multiple things in an easy way. Use zend_auth to authenticate a user. If you need control over your resources, simply go for zend_acl. In addition, zend_form is easy enough to build a form for you. Furthermore, zend_feed can be integrated to read an RSS feed.

2. Eliminate development risks

A highly proficient Zend framework model can simply assist you save time and use the vast Zend libraries to finish task quickly and effectively. Zend undergo intensive testing of different parameters with PHP Unit as the measuring standard. Code coverage of more than 80% has been accessed on all of the components. A timely integration storage space is also in place for it. The framework also provides developers with diverse components for testing.

3. Decoupled property 

The Zend framework is decoupled meaning you can choose to work with the components you look to work with and ignore the rest! It is basically a perfect collection of classes. You may simply load the whole project, but Zend provides opportunity to load only those components that you require. You get to enjoy the benefits of components as individual libraries without worrying about the framework. This makes the coding job simpler. 

4. Easy to integrate

As we have already discussed earlier, Zend is decoupled by nature. This adds another feather to its cap. You can easily integrate the Zend application with anything that you want. You can even choose to integrate it with the libraries of different other frameworks.

5. Guidelines and Standards

Zend is a trustworthy framework with relevant features to boost development work. The framework is created by keeping different parameters in mind. 

· Every contributor must sign a contributor license agreement.

· Extensive testing is needed on the code, using PHP web development.

· Further code need to be in strict compliance with the coding standards.

Top Features of Zend Framework

Zend framework is based on professional PHP packages. The packages host millions of subscriber and include object-oriented coding to build secure & engaging web applications for different industry verticals. The current version is the extract of both Zend 1 and 2 having engaging features:

· HTTP Message Interface Support 

· Ships with Micro Framework 

· Components 

Wrapping Up:

With the Zend Framework Development Services, it has become easy to work with PHP. A strong component library integrated with MVC features has made Zend a popular framework. Use the Zend framework to make PHP-related tasks easy until the community launch the Zend framework's newest version with smarter and more engaging features. The streamlined integration of photo galleries and Google maps is also available making it fun to work with. 


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